Monday, June 21, 2010

Hands off the DPRK!

The following statement was issued by the Communist Party of Malta to the local media on the 20th June, 2010:

The recent provocation by the US and the Republic of Korea towards the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, whereby the DPRK is being framed for the sinking of the South Korean Warship Cheonan, shows off the hostile policy by the US and and its puppets in the Republic of Korea towards the DPRK.

This new threat being levelled at North Korea has the intentions to bring about,a new round of sanctions against the progressive people of the DPRK by the international community. However, the DPRK is denying any involvement in this unfortunate incident in which 46 sailors lost their lives.

The Cheonan incident has a strong smell of foul play committed by the accusers. This reminds us of another similar incident in the past. During Cuba’s war of independence, the USS Warship Maine was blown up in Havana’s harbour and the US conveniently blamed Spain for this misdeed so that it could interfere in Cuba’s liberation war.

Had the DPRK sunk the Cheonan as it is being claimed it would not had been afraid to declare it . The DPRK was not scared to capture US gunboats that trespassed into its territorial waters in the past.

The results alleged by the investigations of the causes that sunk the Cheonan were concluded by those who lied about weapons of mass destruction that Iraq was alleged to possess prior to the Iraqi Invasion which did not have the approval of the UN. Can we ever believe such fabrications?

US imperialism was instrumental in splitting Korea into two separate states and has kept its influence through a series of military puppet dictators and always thwarted the people’s wishes for the reunification of the two Koreas.

The US still cannot stomach the defeat it suffered at the hands the Democratic Korea People’s Army during the Korean War and 57 years on war-mongering hawks in the Pentagon still have revanchist plans and schemes against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The Communist Party of Malta calls for a stop of these provocations so that the people of both Koreas will be free to reunite their country.

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