Thursday, July 8, 2010

16 Years since the Death of Kim Il Sung

Fifteen years have passed since the death of President Kim Il Sung (1912-1994), founder of socialist Korea, and if one looks at the realities in Korea, one feels as if he is still alive leading his country and people.

Kim Il Sung Will Always Be with Us

At the news about the passing of President Kim Il Sung on July 8, 1994, the Korean people wailed in deep sorrow and grief at the loss of their leader. Millions of citizens of Pyongyang lined the street covering over 40km to bid the last farewell to their late leader. Beyond their expectations, funeral motorcade, with the portrait of the beaming leader at the head, made its way through the streets. Looking up the sunny portrait of the leader, the people were convinced that he had not passed away, that he had returned to life as a man of a sun-like image with a bright smile , and that he would always be with them. The Korean people call the portrait the beaming image of President Kim Il Sung . Ubiquitous in Korea are the portrait and the slogan “ the leader Kim Il Sung will always be with us”.

Documentary films on the history of his revolutionary activities are produced one after another, and broadcast in cinemas and on TV. The Complete Works of Kim Il Sung and the Kim Il Sung’s Works are continuously published one volume after another, and the continuing editions of his memoirs With the Century are off the press. Radio and TV stations still begin their every programme with Song of General Kim Il Sung.

The Juche era with the year 1912, when he was born, as the first year was instituted , and April 15, his birthday, was designated the Day of the Sun. the Constitution of the country stipulates that Kim Il Sung is the eternal President of the DPRK.

The April Spring Friendship Art Festival, which had been previously held in a grand style in Pyongyang on the occasion of his birth anniversary, is still held. The heads of state and public figures of many countries still send gifts to Korea in his honour.



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