Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Benevolent Father of People

Kim Il Sung devoted his all to the happiness of the people. He established in the DPRK a people centred system, where people are masters of everything and everything serves them. The Korean people live happily and harmoniously enjoying the benefits of the 11-year free compulsory education - the highest standard of its kind in the world-universal free medical service , and the abolition of tax.

The President, even at his advanced age of eighty, visited every nook and corner of the country for peoples well-being. When he visited the houses of people, he would look into the rice-pots and woks to acquaint himself with their living as their father would do. He never tolerated whatever would be of inconvenience for peoples life.

His benevolent personality was not limited within the boundary of his country.

Norodom Sihanouk, great King of Cambodia, still calls Kim Il Sung his elder brother, a benefactor, Luiser Rinser, German writer, praised that the Korean President was a man to whom anybody would open his or her heart at first meeting.

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