Monday, February 14, 2011

Leader Kim Jong Il's Ideal

Leader Kim Jong Il , Chairman of the National Defence commission of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea wrote a poem O Korea, I will Add Glory to Thee when he matriculated at Kim Il Sung University on September 1,1960. As the title of the poem shows, it is an ideal he harboured in his early years to display the honour of Korea throughout the world.

Korean leader Kim Jong Il, who has carried forward the cause of the President, worked out a plan to build a great, prosperous and powerful socialist nation with strong national power where everything prospers and its people live an abundant life without anything to envy in the world.

Thanks to his wise leadership, a new steel-making system using no scrap iron has been established in the sector of steel industry, which makes it possible to increase steel production as it pleases in reliance on abundant domestic resources. The magnesia clinker industry has been put on the Juche-oriented basis, enabling the huge amount of resources to pay off. The cutting-edge CNC technology has found its way into a large number of industrial establishments.

Dense irrigation networks along hundred-km-long gravity-fed waterways are supplying water to the farmland realigned into large standard fields, providing a solid foundation for the increase in agricultural production. Many pig ,chicken and ostrich farms equipped with modern production lines have mushroomed along with a sturgeon-breeding farm, making it possible to improve the dietary life of the people.

The Mansudae Street was built in the capital city of Pyongyang as a paradigm of residence in a thriving country, and a project for building 100,000 flats is now underway.

At present, the DPRK set it as the foremost task to build an economic power.

Leader Kim Jong Il takes the helm in the general offensive to build the thriving nation in 2012 without fail.

All the Koreans have turned out in the general offensive to make great innovations and leap forward in all sectors of society including politics, military affairs, the economy, science and technology, and literature and the arts by giving fullest play to their mental power so as to put up a doorplate of a thriving nation.