Thursday, August 25, 2011

Songun and Kim Jong Il

On August 25, 1960, Kim Jong Il, Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army, commenced his Songun-based leadership by inspecting the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su 105 Guards Tank Division of the KPA.

Since then he has led the Korean army and people along the road to victory under the unfurled banner of Songun. Kim Jong Il has developed in depth the Songun idea authored by President Kim Il Sung (1912-1994), founding father of socialist Korea and, on this basis, administered Songun politics, the first of its kind in the history of world politics.

Songun politics has been formulated into the basic political mode of socialism. The mode of Songun politics is the most powerful, for it provides the sure guarantee for victorious advance of the cause of socialism, cause of independence, amid the imperialists’ high-handedness and arbitrariness further aggravated than ever before in recent years.

As Kim Jong Il has put forth the KPA as the main force of the socialist cause and, by relying on it, developed the country’s military capabilities to the highest level, the Korean people could firmly adhere to the banner of socialism in the grimmest trials they had faced in the closing years of the last century and is now leaping forward the higher peak of a great, prosperous and powerful socialist nation.

The achievements the Korean people made in accomplishing the cause of socialism at a time when the imperialist forces were vociferously advertising the “end of socialism” on the planet was an inevitability of history offered by Songun. The Songun-based leadership of Kim Jong Il has elevated to a remarkably high level the independent prestige of the Korean nation.

In these days it has become a matter of frequent occurrence in every part of the globe that the sovereignty of a country is being infringed upon overnight and its peoples are subjected to distress because of its weak military capabilities. The Korean people, however, are able to safeguard their national sovereignty and dignity with honour thanks to the building up of the military capabilities of the country in every aspect, holding high the banner of Songun.

That the DPRK is maintaining its own terms in the confrontation with the United States, the self-acclaimed “victor in the Cold War” and “the World superpower,” is an eloquent proof that it is an impregnable power nobody dares attack.

Kim Jong Il’s Songun politics has also laid a solid foundation for achieving the independent and peaceful reunification of the nation. As he has attached top priority to strengthening the country’s military capabilities, attempts of the US and south Korean belligerent forces to start a new war on the Korean peninsula were frustrated at every step, and peace and stability in the region.

Even the south Korean people speak highly of Songun politics that has safeguarded peace in the Korean peninsula. Amid this, there was held in June2000 an inter-Korean summit, the first of its kind in the long history division. The summit produced the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration, a milestone in Korea’s reunification. The north and the south of Korea, which has been antagonistic with and hostile to each other for more that half a century, ushered in the June 15 reunification era in which both sides marched hand in hand toward unity and reunification, under the ideal of By National Itself. In 2007 the second inter-Korean summit was held, which produced the October 4 Declaration as the action programme of the June 15 Joint Declaration.

Now the right-wing conservative forces of south Korea are in hot pursuit of confrontation with the north, swimming against the strong current of the times, But what is stronger is the aspiration and will of the entire Korean nation to make the June 15 reunification era continue.

The DPRK has enhanced its international position and prestige to a higher level under the Songun-based leadership of Kim Jong Il. Its determined stand against the imperialist and conquering behaviour in a high-handed and arbitrary manner and in defence, peace and democratic international order is being felt on the global arena.

The predominant trend of the times is oriented toward the improvement of relationship with the DPRK making a great stride toward a thriving nation. Many Western countries, which gave a wide berth to it, have changed their stand. They are establishing diplomatic ties and improving relations with it.

Progressive figures of many countries are in loud praise of Kim Jong Il’s Songun politics, and a large number of statesmen are in this political mode.